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Mythology: Books

Orders of the Quest: The Holy Grail


The Red Book of Appin


Shadow Forms: A Collection of Occult Stories


The Way of Heaven, and Other Fantasies Told in the Manner of the Chinese


Mythology: E-Books

Fable of Cupid & Psyche (e-Book)


Mythology: Printed Pamphlets

Star Lore of Babylon (Pamphlet)


Mythology: E-Pamphlets

Soul in Egyptian Metaphysics & The Book of the Dead (e-Book)


Mythology: Lecture Notes

Lord Bacon’s Interpretation of Classic Myths and Their Importance in the Solution of Modern Problems*


New Mythology of Science: Ancient Beliefs in Modern Dress


Eastern and Western Interpretations of Reincarnation: Rebirth According to Buddhism and Platonism


Invisible Beings of Religion, Folklore & Legend: Their Meaning in Everyday Life


Mythology: Audio/Video
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