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Meditation/Prayer: Books
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Meditation/Prayer: E-Books

Meditation Symbols in Eastern & Western Mysticism (e-Book)


Meditation/Prayer: Printed Pamphlets

Meditation Disciplines & Personal Integration (Pamphlet)


Value of Prayer In Psychological Integration (Pamphlet)


Visions & Metaphysical Experiences (Pamphlet)


Meditation/Prayer: E-Pamphlets

Cabalistic Keys to the Lord’s Prayer (e-Book)


Meditation/Prayer: Lecture Notes

Hoben, the Visualization of Principles: The Buddhist Doctrine of Meditation Symbols


Eastern Concepts of Healing Through Meditation and Mystical Discipline


Prayer as Mystic Rite: Building Internal Resources


Meditation as a Discipline of Growth: Building Internal Resources


Meditation/Prayer: Audio/Video

Act of Prayer as Medicine for the Soul (CD)