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Alchemy: Books

Alchemy: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Manly P. Hall Collection of Books & Manuscripts


The Most Holy Trinisophia of the Comte de St. Germain


Orders of the Great Work: Alchemy


Alchemy: E-Books

Alchemist’s Primer: Fundamentals of Esoteric Transformation (e-Book)


Orders of the Great Work – Alchemy (e-Book)


Alchemy: Printed Pamphlets

An Alchemist’s Primer: Fundamentals of Esoteric Transformation (Pamphlet)


The Hermetic Marriage (Pamphlet)


Paracelsus: His Mystical & Medical Philosophy (Pamphlet)


Alchemy: E-Pamphlets

Hermetic Marriage (e-Book)


Paracelsus, His Mystical and Medical Philosophy (e-Book)


Alchemy: Lecture Notes

Alchemy: Sacred Science of Transformation


Esoteric Alchemy: Transformation of Attitudes*


The Alchemy of Happiness: The Higher Metaphysics of the Sufi Poets


Did the Alchemists Practices Yoga Discipline?


Psychological Aspects of Alchemy


Alchemy: Audio/Video

Transformation Mystery: Alchemy of Attitudes (CD)